Mannikins, glass eyes, chemicals, taxidermy tools and supplies. When you decide on a home improvement project, you can rely on Van Dyke's Restorers to supply you with the very best merchandise at the best price. Some popular services for taxidermy include: What are people saying about taxidermy services near Riverside, CA? Offered are a huge selection of shoulder forms, life-size forms, bird forms and fish forms for North American, African, and Exotic species by some of the most respected sculptors in the industry. We offer a wide variety of hard-to-find specialty hardware and components for restoring antique desks, tables, chairs, dressers, hoosier cabinets and much more. Taxidermists all over the country are eagerly checking their mailboxes every day for the latest catalogs from taxidermy supply companies. Complete line of Nature Bases, pedestals, panels, real drifwood sandblasted, wildlife frames, cedar stumps and logs, mannikins, eyes and other supplies. The McKenzie big book, catalog 38, is really an amazing publication. Van Dyke's Taxidermy Supply is your complete resource for taxidermy supplies, including hide tanning chemicals and airbrush supplies. McKenzie, headquartered in Granite Quarry, North Carolina, is the leading manufacturer, designer and catalog marketer of taxidermy forms and supplies used by taxidermists to mount trophies collected by hunting and fishing enthusiasts. Address: 315 North Main Street, Slater, MO 65349 Sales: 1-800-529-3470 Web site: -- E-mail: [emailprotected], Flynn's Forms & Taxidermy Supply Award-winning bobcat forms, squirrel bodies, turkey bodies and parts. We use cookies in order to provide you the best shopping experience. I mean, what are we going to do without that business here? Van Dyke's (for the complementary catalog): 2. Glass eyes, Eppley earliners and products, wood pedestals and bases, plus general supplies. New Eyes 2023. NatureClip: Free Stock Footage at for the complementary, high quality time lapse videos.3. Visit our website to download our catalogue. Address: 6860 Hillshire Drive, Suites 20 & 22, Memphis, TN 38133 Sales: (901) 365-8101 -- Fax: (901) 365-8101 Web site: -- E-mail: [emailprotected], Matuska Taxidermy Supply Company We carry an extensive line of tools, mannikins, glass eyes, earliners, jawsets, paints and airbrush equipment as well as a wide array of incidental supplies. New hardwood and habitat bases have been designed to fit larger mammals like lifesize bears and mountain lions. They added a 150,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility, improved production and distribution processes, and brought the total number of dedicated employees up over 200. The focus here is on ease-of-use in conjunction with the printed catalog. Neither Van Dyke's nor McKenzie was available for comment Monday afternoon, but Miiller said she is aware of at least 10 other employees who were laid off. This was how VanDykes Restorers was born. We use cookies to make this website work better. Miiller, 45, is one of those employees left trying to provide for her family without the benefit of a job. Our forms assure you of satisfied customers every time. ", Miiller arrived at 7 a.m., and she was told by her boss to enter one of two meeting rooms. Address: 1744 South Redwood, Salt Lake City, UT 84104 Sales: (800) 874-7660 -- Office: (801) 973-2455 Web site: -- E-mail: [emailprotected], Hionis Wholesale Taxidermy Supplies Featuring Hionis Hide and Hair dyes. Address: P. O. Description. The care in response time was appreciated. "It was like a death, and it's a death for our community of Woonsocket. Top-of-the-line professional supplies. Address: A McKenzie Company -- P. O. For decades, Mr. Van Dyke built his empire, creating a major manufacturing facility for creating revolutionary products in wood, foam, chemicals, and glass. Catalog Request Catalog Request Please complete the following form to request a catalog for yourself or a friend from Van Dyke's Restorers. | Free shipping on many items! * indicates a required field First Name* Last Name* Company Name Address* Apt., Suite, etc. G2 Taxidermy Supply strives to bring the industry an affordable mannequin with top of the line customer service & reliability. For the last 25 years, I have been in charge of publishing the annual WASCO catalog. 1 / 216 0 Powered by Publish for Free Download the catalog here Get the best deal for Van Dyke's Hunting Taxidermy Supplies from the largest online selection at Will your content marketing turn readers into customers? If you are an existing customer of McKenzie, Van Dykes or WASCO, you should automatically receive your new catalogs in the mail this month. You can shop 24 hours a day on our easy navigable website. "Well, I'll start looking for a job, because I have two children that I need to support and I need insurance," Miiller said about her next step. We constantly strive to expand our line of hardware and supplies, offering everything that the amateur or professional home restorer needs to complete a Victorian, Arts and Crafts, Mid-Century, Retro, Traditional, or Transitional look. All Rights Reserved. When your websites traffic suddenly takes a tumble and you dont know why, it can be maddening. Heck, I may even get to take a few weekends off and go deer hunting! Directions Advertisement. "It was devastating," Miiller said. When tragedy struck (unfortunately sooner than I'd ever predict) I knew I'd only want the best aftercare for my pets. Address: 2186 Southwood Road, Kinston, NC 28501 Toll-Free: 1-888-527-8722 -- Fax & Phone: (252) 527-8722 Web site: -- E-mail: [emailprotected], Hilton Eppley Forms, LLC Hilton Eppley Forms, LLC is a taxidermy supply company created by World Champion whitetail taxidermist Hilton Eppley, Jr. Hilton Eppley, Jr. draws on over 20 years experience as an award winning taxidermist an sculptor to bring to you a line of taxidermy forms that are second to None! Request a free print catalog - our new Van Dyke's Taxidermy contains a vast selection of taxidermy supplies! to the Taxidermy.Net Home Page |. They will save you money, and enhance your work. "I talked to a lot of employees, and they don't seem to know either.". McKenzie's products consist of over 10,000 different animal forms and 5,000 parts and accessories that are sold directly to over 26,000 taxidermists located throughout North America. For decades, Mr. Van Dyke built his empire, creating a major manufacturing facility for creating revolutionary products in wood, foam, chemicals, and glass. Address: P. O. City* State* Zip Code* Country* Email* Phone* Yes! The company manufacturers glass eyes, forms, chemicals, wood products, and other general taxidermy supplies. 1-800-279-7985 Home. We are committed to bringing you new products to fuel your imagination. ( Additionally, Jonas Supply mannikins and supplies are offered on the East Coast through HQ Supply. Address: P. O. Each fall, I would go into catalog deadline mode which basically meant that I would work 7 days a week, 12 hours a day, for about 10 weeks straight. . Address: A McKenzie Company -- P. O. For a company to continue to turn out this level of new and innovative products year after year is incredible. They were cleaned beautifully and very well put together (requested skull cleaning). If you're not a current customer, or if you did not get your catalog in the mail, feel free to call 1-800-279-7985 and request that one be sent to you. While Miiller was not surprised about the mass layoffs, she was caught off guard by the timing. Using Quality Taxidermy forms means more life-like trophies for your customers. almost everything. "Not for certain," Peterson said. Box 480, Granite Quarry, NC 28072 Sales: (800) 279-7985 -- Technical Assistance: (888) 279-7985 -- Fax: (704) 279-8958 Web site: -- E-mail: [emailprotected], Noonkester Taxidermy Supply Full line of mannikins, chemicals, glass eyes, taxidermy tools and supplies. Address: 210 Crawford St., Piedmont, SC 29673 Sales: (864) 845-7691 Web site: -- E-mail: [emailprotected], KB Mannikins Our goal is to sculpt and produce some exciting new forms that will have your customers exited about doing some new and upcoming looks. Each habitat piece has been carefully designed to not only be time-savers, but to showcase your work with a beautiful presentation of composition, color, texture, and realism. We are proud to offer some truly distinctive products, like library ladder kits, hand-carved wooden corbels, gingerbread and other carved wooden trim, copper sinks, solid oak furniture, and claw foot bath tubs. According to Miiller and others who were employed at Van Dyke's as late as Monday morning, McKenzie had semi trucks at the plant and were loading equipment to be transported to other McKenzie-owner properties. Box 367, Woonsocket, SD 57385-0278 Lauren took such care with him. [emailprotected], Rayline Mannikins, Inc. Including foam, pedestal forms, bodies, necks, artificial turkey heads, and habitat bases. The latest installment of the McKenzie Video Library shows Rick Carter using this new wall habitat for half-lifesize bear. I can now stand back and marvel at the wonderful job the McKenzie staff has done to produce the biggest and best catalogs that the taxidermy industry has ever seen. Address: 42889 CR 19, Coshocton, OH 43812 Sales: 1-888-398-1546 -- Office: (330) 674-3722 Web site:, Ronald Carter Taxidermy & Supply Co. Box 766, Concordville, PA 19331 Sales: (800) 772-7924 -- Office: (610) 459-8547 Web site: -- E-mail: [emailprotected], Lone Star Taxidermy Supply We take pride in the fact that if you have a problem or question about any of the products we sell we can probably tell ya what the problem is. Award-winning whitetail deer mannikins and supplies. Whitetails, wild boar, and more. Van Dyke's Taxidermy, headquartered in Woonsocket, South Dakota, is a leading supplier of taxidermy products and supplies. | Suppliers Index | Add a Link | Taxidermy Net Home Page |, McKenzie Taxidermy Supply McKenzie Taxidermy Supply offers the largest most complete line of innovative taxidermy forms and supplies available. Van Dykes always had a great niche for offering a wide variety of hard-to-find items, plus their outstanding glass eye, panel, mounting stand and fleshing machine manufacturing legacy. Call for our free catalog. When he died, I put him in the freezer per her instructions, and Lauren picked him up when she came into town. But I was pleasantly surprised that the new staff did a great job and kept the special personality of the WASCO book intact. My mother's service and therapy dog, "Hansi" the schnoodle, passed in early January 2018. Taxidermy Products Unique, high quality forms which will enhance your art and make its construction more accurate and realistic in appearance. All Rights Reserved. What are some highly rated businesses for taxidermy near Riverside, CA? After completing your project, please send us photos that proudly display your craftsmanship. All of these new products are featured throughout the catalog, so you will need to sit down and set aside a few hours to flip through the 800-plus pages and see the latest innovations. Then Mr. Van Dykes daughter had a vision that would forever change the course of the company: while she was trying to restore an antique piece of furniture, she realized how difficult it was to find the right hardware, and she discovered that there was a market for vintage-style furniture restoration supplies. When not done properly, however, social selling can also ruin your online presence and repel potential customers. Box 480, Granite Quarry, NC 28072 Sales: (800) 279-7985 -- Technical Assistance: (800) 279-7985 -- Fax: (704) 279-8958 Web site: -- E-mail: [emailprotected], Van Dyke's For over 50 years Van Dyke's has been committed to bringing you the best value for your dollar.

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